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Camp Fire was formed in 1910 by Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick and his wife, Charlotte Vetter Gulick. At its founding, Camp Fire was the first non-sectarian organization for girls in the United States. The goal of Camp Fire was to provide opportunities for development of the "whole" girl. While Camp Fire has changed and adapted over the past 100 years, including expanding to welcome boys in 1975, it has remained true to its promise to give children the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

Camp Fire in Minnesota Timeline

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History of Camp Fire Camps in Minnesota

Camp Bluewater, Camp Cheewin, Camp Lokinda, Camp Matakaki, Camp Ojiketa, Camp Patakoda, Camp Sacajewea, Camp Tanadoona, Camp Tanawaha, Camp Tawanki, Camp Trelipe, Camp Wakada